Aniracetam (N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone) is part of the racetam chemical class of nootropics. It is a powerful cognitive enhancer with neuroprotective properties.

It reduces the desensitization of glutamate receptors. This allows glutamate to become more available in the brain, improving cognition and reducing brain damage.

It also affects dopamine and serotonin receptors, resulting in reduced anxiety and improved mood and sociability.

Increases Memory

Buy aniracetam europehas been shown to improve memory in a number of ways. It increases hippocampal acetylcholine, serotonin, and glutamate levels. It also helps with memory recovery after brain damage. It has been proven to increase learning and memory in a number of studies, including in humans and rats. It has been shown to reduce depression, boost music listening pleasure, and increase sociability.

It also improves verbal fluidity. It can also help with lucid dreaming and is used to treat insomnia and sleep problems by controlling the serotonin that controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle.

Aniracetam is a nootropic in the racetam-class that acts as a powerful neuroprotective agent. It is a powerful cognitive enhancer that works by increasing left to right hemisphere communication in the brain. It is up to 10-times more potent than the original racetam, Piracetam. It has also been shown to improve spatial memory in animals. It was patented in 1978 by Swiss-based pharmaceutical company F Hoffmann-La Roche AG.

Reduces Stress

Aniracetam acts as a racetam nootropic and is known to reduce anxiety. It also improves verbal fluency and helps people who have trouble articulating their thoughts in conversations and presentations. It is often taken in combination with Noopept and bacopa monnieri extract to boost the effects.

Studies in mice have shown that aniracetam can reverse cognitive defects and prevent memory loss. It can also inhibit Alzheimer’s disease in rats. It may even delay the onset of the disease and improve verbal memory in people with dementia.

This nootropic can cause some side effects, including gastrointestinal issues, headaches and insomnia. It is also not recommended for pregnant women because it can affect the fetus. It is important to take this drug with food to minimize the risk of stomach upset.

Buy aniracetamis fat-soluble and quickly enters the brain after ingestion. It binds to GABA receptors and enhances the chloride ion influx at the interface, reducing the depolarization of neurons and decreasing neuronal firing. It is often stacked with other nootropics, such as Alpha GPC and CDP-Choline, to increase its efficacy.

Enhances Focus

Aniracetam has many benefits for the brain and body, but one of its most interesting effects is its ability to improve focus. This nootropic works by increasing acetylcholine transmission and modulating AMPA receptors. These receptors stimulate the release of glutamate and are linked to memory formation.

It also enhances cognitive performance and increases fluid intelligence. This is possible because it increases left to right hemisphere communication, which improves the flow of information across both sides of the brain. It is an effective stimulant for the brain and may help treat mild insomnia, depression, or anxiety. It also boosts serotonin levels and can cause lucid dreaming.

While research is promising, more recent, high-quality, and longer-term studies are necessary before it can be used to treat mental health conditions. Until then, users should take supplements under the guidance of a qualified professional. This includes a licensed dietitian or pharmacist. Moreover, the dosage should be individualized according to a person’s body weight.

Treats Depression

Aniracetam treats depression by boosting the production of dopamine and serotonin, which are both neurotransmitters involved in improving mood. It also improves cognitive function by reducing the effects of aging on the brain, including memory problems. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

Aniracetam, or 1-P-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone, is a fat-soluble nootropic that belongs to the racetam family of compounds. It was patented by the Swiss pharmaceutical company F Hoffmann-La Roche in the 1970s and is sold as a prescription drug in Europe under the brand names Ampamet, Draganon, Memodrin, Referan, and Sarpul. It is available in tablet, capsule, and powder form. You can find 750 mg tablets and capsules or buy bulk powder to achieve your ideal dosage per day.

Taking too much aniracetam can cause headaches, so it’s best to take small doses several times throughout the day. This way, you’ll avoid building up a tolerance to the nootropic. Also, be sure to take it with a healthy fat like a tablespoon of organic, non-GMO Performance Lab(r) MCT Oil.

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